42 artists / 1 month / 21 pieces

Founded by myself and co-curator Katie Lee, Exquisite Corpse was a month long project between visual artists, writers, and filmmakers at Wesleyan and Columbia University.

Curated by Sophia Jennings (Wesleyan '16), Katie Lee (Columbia University '16), and Joe Bucciero (Columbia University '15)

Shown at Postcrypt Gallery in NYC and Zilkha Gallery in Middletown, Connecticut

Work by Sophie Becker, Michael Blair,  Joe Bucciero, Lauren Burke, Dakota Caneta, Canada Choate, Ella Coon, Margaret Curtis, Mira Dayal, Brandan Eng, Lauren Field, Bethany Fincher, Jack Gross, Angela Goldberg, Gabe Gordon, Marianna Illagan, Rachel Kaly, Isabella Kapur, Katie Lee, Alayne Lynch, Angus Macdonald, Rick Manayan, Nick Martino, Julian Nebreda, Jimmy O’Keeffe, Sam Oriach, Cheeyeon Park,  Daniel Lazur, Shriya Samavai, Elijah Stevens, Liberty Styles, Greg Swong, Virgil Taylor, Cat Walsh, Abby Walworth, Ione Wang,  Hui Yu Wong, Jianna Xiong, Saarim Zaman, Amy Zhang, Lisa Zhou, and Ben Zucker.

Covered by Method Magazine, the Argus, Wesleying, and the Columbia Spectator

photos from the Wesleyan event are here.